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Shanna is a medical esthetician with over 12 years of experience providing skin consultations, analysis and education. She has also worked as an instructor and trainer for junior estheticians and students entering the field. From the beginning of her career, Shanna has worked in clinics and spas with a focus on treatments that use botanical and organic ingredients. During every consultation, Shanna begins with a skin analysis to determine your skin type, product recommendations to address your concerns and education on skin care regimens that may include suggestions for products or simple adjustments to the products you have at home. 

As a medical esthetician, Shanna is highly skilled in the use of high frequency, galvanic current, ultrasonic therapy, microdermabrasion, plant-based, organic chemical peels, LED light therapy and microneedling (collagen induction therapy). Her areas of speciality include: classic European facial techniques for the face, chest and back including gentle extractions, acne scar correction; the fading of stretch marks and hyperpigmentation and ‘graceful’ aging (anti-aging) techniques such as reparative masks to boost hydration and to soothe skin inflammation.