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Nitha has been a nurse for over 5 years, working mainly in the hospital setting in Toronto. While growing up art was her favourite subject. She specifically loved drawing portraits of all her friends and family. Her other passion was to help others, so she decided to become a nurse to fulfill this dream. After years of nursing, Nitha finally decided to pursue both her passions and went to school for cosmetic nursing. She obtained her certificate through the Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine and completed months of hands-on training with various professionals in this field. She continues to educate herself on the various treatments, techniques, and trends so that she can better support her clients. In 2021, she opened her own independent practice in the east end and is happy to be a part of the Rose Health Clinic team. She provides a variety of cosmetic and therapeutic services all customized to her client’s needs. She focusses on achieving natural looking results and believes a little goes a long way.